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Latest Home Décor and Design Trends from Your Colorado Springs Real Estate Expert

April 12, 2017

In the market for a new house? Whether you are looking for specific features or looking to remodel, there are a variety of décor and design trends. If you are ready to stay up to date with this year’s projected top trends, consider one of these from your local Colorado Springs real estate expert. From kitchen types and colors, to entryways, we’ll catch you up on the latest for your search.

Transitional Kitchens

Are you looking for a little bit of traditional mixed in with contemporary for your next kitchen? Go transitional! Transitional kitchens allow you to have the best of both worlds with a focus on elegance and linear features. There are often stone or slate counters with smooth cabinets that have simplistic knobs. The great thing is, when it comes to color, you can decide what works for you. From light brown cabinets to dark, you can find the perfect balance of color. It is a style of kitchen that has the overall clean feel that you would find in a modern space without the feeling that it does not have character.

Popular Colors

When it comes to preferred housing colors in 2017, many homeowners are moving towards neutral shades! Top neutral colors include beige and grey. You can pair dark grey walls with clean white trim. Or use beige to offset some of the color around your home. Speaking of color, some homeowners are choosing to go the exact opposite of neutral colors and are adding as much color as they can to their home. The more vibrant, the better. According to Inman’s The Top 20 Home Design Trends of 2017, some homeowners are choosing to add 50s style colorful refrigerators in their kitchens or mixing in pops of color on neutral backgrounds. You will know what’s best for your style and taste, and can definitely find something that fits with these two contrasting trends.

Elegant Entryways

The entry into one’s home is the first impression guests see and provides the welcoming feeling to all that live there. According to Forbes’ Top 10 Home Design Trends to Expect in 2017, many are spending more money on higher quality entryways. Forbes explains that since they are typically smaller spaces, designs can be easily worked into a budget if you are looking to remodel your next home. You can also take the time to have the perfect arrangement for everyone to leave their coats, bags, etc. If you are looking to make an entry way seem larger, a tall mirror is a great way to make the space seem larger.

As you are on the search for your next home, don’t forget to make yours appealing to buyers. While you prepare your search, Marianne Farrell at Berkshire Hathaway is your go-to real estate agent. We will help you every step of the way to find the perfect home for you and your family. Contact Marianne Farrell in Colorado Springs, CO today to get started or call 303-638-6115.