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Investments and Purchases to Sell Your Home Faster from Your Colorado Springs Real Estate Expert

When putting your home on the market, you might be wondering what the best methods are to help your home sell quickly. When working with a local Colorado Springs real estate expert, they can help you with some of the major fixes you may need to make if you are not able to compromise on price. However, did you know there are quick fixes you can make on your own to help attract buyers? Learn how you can sell your home more quickly with kitchen paint and updated appliances, consistent finishes and fixtures and flooring changes.

Kitchen Paint and Appliances

The kitchen is one of the go-to areas of the home. You want the space to be open, clean and inviting. If you have walls that look aged or dated, or they are a unique color, give your kitchen a fresh coat of paint. If your kitchen has any out-of-date wallpaper, you will want to remove that too before painting. Ideally, you will want to paint your kitchen a light color. It can be a neutral beige, grey or white or a lighter shade of colors like green or blue. Along with upgrading your paint colors, take some time to evaluate your appliances. If your appliances might be a factor on future homeowners, discuss with your realtor if they are worth replacing. Read more about remodeling a kitchen for resale.

Finishes and Fixtures

One simple change you can make that seems small is making sure your finishes and fixtures are consistent. These are your door or cabinet knobs, faucets, towel racks, handles and more. You want to choose a color that is not flashy or outdated. Brushed nickel or chrome are two popular finishes. To save on costs, you could take an inventory of your home to see which finish you have the most of and update the others to be consistent if the colors are similar. In addition, you can also look at small things such as light or ceiling fan fixtures to see if they are out of date. You can install inexpensive fixtures to help make them more attractive to future buyers.

Flooring and Crown Molding

Over time, flooring can become old and worn. It may be worth an investment to update your flooring. Depending on the condition, if it is in poor shape, it can be a major turn off for a prospective buyer. It can be anything from scratched hardwood to stained carpet. Hardwood is a top choice to make that can make your rooms look larger. It is also more flexible for changes as you can use rugs to play up certain areas. If your carpet has large stains that do not come out, instead of replacing the carpet, you may want to consider a simple hardwood.
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