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Work from Home, or Want To? Use This New Home Checklist from Your Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent

Did you know the average commute for those who live in Colorado is just over 24 miles? For many, they want to cut or eliminate this to be able to spend what was 30 minute to an hour in the car to quality time to family, getting more work done, or much more. Many are doing this by finding jobs that allow them to work from home, or in some instances, becoming their own small business owner. Learn more about what makes for a great home office that you can look for in a home search, simple upgrades to make to enhance your home work space, and other home tips to create a great work environment from your Colorado Springs real estate expert.

What Makes a Great Home Office?

A great home office is a space that is functional for what you need. In order to do that, you must know what you need. Take some time to think about what would help you in a home office. What kind of storage space do you need? What type of desk do you need and space requirements? What types of devices do you use and do you need workspaces for different types of activities? What type of work in general do you do? Will you need a space to meet with clients? These and more are all factors you should consider when looking for a home that has your perfect home office. While you can make it your own, you do need to find a home that has the space requirements you need. Unless you plan on doing some renovations, be sure to look for a home that has the space that you can build on.

Simple Upgrades to Enhance Your Space

As you find the right space for your new home office, there are a few great additions you can make to make the space more functional. First, consider furniture with built-in outlets or wiring that is embedded into your furniture. This makes for a great clutter-free work environment sans wires.If you don't like sitting still, make your space more friendly for an active lifestyle by incorporating a standing desk. This will help keep your blood flowing throughout the day. You can even make an investment into a treadmill desk if you have to spend hours and hours in your office. Last, be sure to make the space your own. Decorate in ways that work for you and make it functional for you. Need ideas? Try the 14 simple things you can do to upgrade your office from Life Hack.

Other Home Tips for Great Work Environment

Just because you will work from home does not mean you will spend all of your time working in your office. If you plan to work at home, you will also be spending a lot of time at your new house. This means you need to have a home you enjoy spending a majority of your time in. Sounds simple but it makes a difference in your quality of life. Find a house that a great outdoor space that allows you to go outside and enjoy some time working on a deck or poolside. Next, make sure the internet at your new house will work properly. As a person working from home, spending a little more to ensure great internet is an investment worth making. Last, it is helpful to have other spaces to spend time in that you don’t during non-work hours. This could include an extra eating area that you use for lunches or a loft to take breaks in.

In addition to these tips, be sure to read more about finding the perfect home office when searching for homes for sale in Colorado Springs. For help, you can count on the expertise of Marianne Farrell. Be sure to check out buyer info and how she can help you find a home that works for you to work in!