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Long Distance Moving Tips from Your Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent

Moving is never an easy process, especially when you’re moving a long distance across the country! When working with a top Colorado Springs real estate expert, they can help you with some tips and tricks for making your relocation as streamlined as possible. By taking the time to plan your long-distance move, you’ll avoid pitfalls and hang ups along the way. Learn more on how these three simple tricks can improve your big move!

Have Necessary Moving Supplies

Before you even begin to pack, it’s essential that you have the necessary moving supplies to pack your belongings so they can make the long trip. First things first: quality moving boxes. Boxes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on what you’re planning to pack up. Wardrobe boxes are great for storing and moving clothing on hangers that you wouldn’t want to fold up into a box. Get a hold of a variety of sizes and styles of boxes-the more, the merrier. Packing paper is also essential for carefully wrapping up fragile items and can also provide cushion at the bottom of boxes. Moving blankets prevent scratches and tears on your furniture. Finally, packing tape is essential because you need to tape up your boxes!

Label Your Boxes

This one may seem simple, but so many people forget to label their boxes because they think they will remember what is in each box. This is a definite go-to tip! Grab a marker and write a list of the main items inside of each box. Then, label what room the box belongs in. By writing “Kitchen” or “Living Room” on the outside of each box makes it so much easier, and faster, for the movers. Knowing what’s inside of each box will be a tremendous help when searching for certain items that you can’t remember where you placed them.

Get Rid of Extra Stuff

As best practice, getting rid of your extra belongings will free up space in your moving truck and decrease on the weight load, thus saving you money. The more you load up in your moving truck to ship long distance, the more your final cost will be. Try multitasking when you’re packing. Take one box for things you want to keep and pack, and then start another box with items you can donate to a nonprofit. Having a garage sale before your move will also allow you to let go of items, and put a little more green in your wallet. Apply the one year rule when going through your belongings. If you haven’t used or worn the item in over a year, toss it out! If you’re moving to a new climate, purge items that you definitely won’t need anymore, such as a snow blower or piles of sweaters. For more tips, learn more about the dos and don’ts for your long distance move.

Marianne Farrell is a premier real estate agent ready to help you sell your home. As a local Denver resident, she is devoted to helping your family find your perfect home, or sell your old one. If you’re trying to move during the holiday season, be sure to read these tips for surviving the move during one of the busiest times of the year. Ready to get started and experience premier service? Contact Marianne Farrell at Berkshire Hathaway today at 303-638-6115