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3 Tips to Make Your Move Easier from Your Aurora Real Estate Expert

October 12, 2016

A move into a new home is an exciting time! It is a chance to make new memories in a comfortable space that accommodates your lifestyle. However, many do not look forward to the actual process of moving. By utilizing a game plan and some of these tips from your local Aurora real estate expert, you can make the process easier.
  1. Organize while Packing: There are a few things you can do during the packing process that will make the move and unpacking process much easier. First, have an organized packing process. Be sure to purchase labels and label every single box. Instead of just labeling where the box needs to go, have each label also include the contents of the box. If you are utilizing a moving company, take it one step further. Have a list of all the boxes. Assign each box a number. Once you arrive at your new home, you can check to make sure each of them has arrived. Ensure the safety of some of your breakable items by including “fragile” stickers on corresponding boxes. Last, for items you need to keep with you the night before, or need easy access to, place those items in clear items to keep them in the best view.
  2. Clean: Often times, people move into their new home and handle cleaning the day of or after. If able, go to the home before the move and finalize cleaning. This will ensure everything is in quality shape to add in your possessions without having to clean on the spot. If you do not have time and your budget allows, hire a cleaning company to handle this process. Next, ensure liquids do not spill by covering them with saran wrap. This added layer of coverage makes sure they do not leak within the boxes. An alternative option is packing all liquids in bags to at least contain spills.
  3. Space Savers: the fewer boxes you have to pack, the easier unpacking will be! Did you know you could use vacuum seal bags for clothing, pillows, blankets and other similar materials? This top go-to method greatly reduces the amount of boxes. In fact, the bags may not even need to put them into a box making it easier for you to put away. Also, make dual use of towels by using them as barriers for the fragile items such as plates or glasses.
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