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Homes for Sale in Aurora, Colorado Market Trends

November 23, 2016

As you look for homes for sale in Aurora, Colorado, there are a variety of homes in the area that will meet your price point. Even though we are moving into the winter months, there are still plenty of options if you and your family are in the market to move. With access to good schools, great public transportation and many parks, Aurora was recently named one of the hottest housing markets. It’s easy to see why Aurora is a great place to call home.

Increase in first-time homebuyers

If you are looking to buy a home for the first time, you aren’t alone. According to Aurora Biz, More First-Timers than Expected Are Now Buying Homes. The millennial generation is driving sales and Aurora couldn’t be a better place to buy. When it comes to the types of homes 18 to 34 year olds are choosing, Aurora Biz explains they are looking for quality larger homes in the $220,000 price range that are almost 2,000 square feet. With an increasing interest in moving into suburbs, Aurora is the perfect area. It has the best of both worlds with a comfortable suburban feel with great public transportation like the Regional Transportation District Light Rail and bus system.

Hot Market

Denver and surrounding neighborhoods including Aurora have been included in the nation’s hottest housing markets. The Denver and surrounding suburb populations have been growing over the years. Many make their way to suburbs like Aurora after moving to Denver and learning about the area. According to The Denver Post, people are moving to the state for affordability they couldn’t find in their home state. Just how many people are headed into the state? They explain out of the 54 percent of those who moved in Colorado, 46 percent of them were from out of state. Denver and Aurora are definitely attracting millennials, which could explain the boom in first-time homebuyers. From restaurants to shopping and great transportation and easy access to the highway, this area is really growing and becoming a highly desired place to buy. 

Budget Changes that Affect Homeowners and Buyers

Colorado recently proposed a $28.5 billion budget. If passed, items for review will impact transit and health care. The Aurora Sentinel says this budget will limit funding increases, provide more money for higher education, cut general funding and provide a 2.2 percent salary increase for those who work for the state. The article also reports that they intend to have $6.4 billion available for a Medicaid program.

If you are one of the 46 percent of people that relocating, learn these tips about the area. When ready to buy in the area, Farrell’s Sales is your premier go-to real estate expert. As one of the area’s top local realtors, you can trust that our services will help you every step of the way to find the best home for you. Be sure to contact Farrell’s Sales in Aurora, Co. to get started on your home search today.