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​Colorado Springs Real Estate Tips for Compromise on Your Home Search

December 21, 2016

  1. Many people in search of a new home have a budget to work within during their search. As you prepare to buy a new house, it is important to determine that budget and stick to it. It is easy to deviate from your must-haves when you see what is available for a higher price, or a unique feature that you suddenly can’t live without. Follow some of these best practices to help keep your focus during your search.

Make a priority list

Before you begin your search, make a priority list. There is often a reason for a move, so it is important you find a home that covers those needs, whether it is the need for more space, to have a shorter commute, etc. Certain needs will stand out, such as minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms. There are a few other considerations as well, if you have someone tall living in the house, do the ceilings and shower heights accommodate them? Is a garage important? How much storage do you need? Do you need a basement and/or attic? Will you need double sinks in a master bathroom? Does it matter how many floors the home has? These are all top considerations when prioritizing needs for a new home. Keep in mind, the longer your priority list, the harder it may be to accommodate on a smaller budget.

Learn to compromise

Once you have made your new home priority list, rank the list starting with the top priority. As you look at homes, you may develop a quality standard for some of your priorities. If you are turned off by a home that may have an item on your list that you don’t feel totally meets your needs, consider if it can be upgraded or remodeled at a lower price than another home. For instance, if you want a garage with shelving, but you find one without shelving—this is something you can add.

Not straying from goals

When searching for your new home, better features may grab your attention. You may be tempted to deviate from some of your top priority items. Do not lose sight of those. One of the biggest factors that have people stray from their list is location. Be cautious moving farther than you would like. It can extend your commute which will cost more in gas and time. Evaluate those costs and how it may change the quality of your life with extra minutes added each day to driving/commuting. Throughout the search, always hold firm on your priorities. Avoid straying from those but leave wiggle room with some of the other items lower on the list.

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