Live Where You Work

Community Outreach in Aurora with Farrell's Sales Real Estate

In an effort to revitalize and encourage growth in homeowners in the North Aurora area, Farrell's Sales partnered with Councilwoman Sally Mounier to create a “Live Where You Work” program. Allowing for middle-income individuals to find appropriate housing near the place they work – Anschutz Medical Campus. These buildings can be repurposed into townhomes and condos, providing more affordable opportunities for those with jobs at the Anschutz Medical Campus to buy a home. The homes will be extremely affordable, in the range of $250-$400k.

Over 17,000 individuals commute to this area from the surrounding Denver Metro area. Not only would this provide for these individuals, but it would revitalize a part of the city that sorely needs some attention. Buying homes in this area would stimulate economic growth – giving people a place to invest and push for community improvements. 

For students attending the nearby campus, the proposed “Forum at Fitzsimmons” provides student housing and multi-family rental units. At 397 rentals, this building offers convenient housing, with retail and commercial space of 28,000 sq. ft available and 732 spaces in a parking structure.

These developments are integral to revitalizing the CU Medical Campus area in Northern Aurora.

“Live Where You Work” and support our efforts - we operate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Read the Denver Post Article about the “Live Where You Work” Concept  – CLICK HERE 

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