Mortgage Calculator

Providing you with the tools to succeed, Wolfel Real Estate can help you manage your mortgage and calculate exactly what falls within your price range. Use our mortgage calculator to see the range of affordability in your budget. Enter the price of homes for sale, then enter the appropriate values to calculate your mortgage cost. Homes are an important purchase – it helps to see real numbers and begin to formulate a plan.





Price/Mortgage Amount:

This number reflects the amount remaining on your home’s price after subtracting your down payment.


Consult with your realtor to find out the area’s range of interest rates and what you might qualify for in your loan. To get an idea of the type of payment you might be making each month, calculate a few different rates to gain a sense of an average amount.

Amoritization Period:

The term (in years or months) reflects the length of time that your loan will extend to fully pay off your home. When buying your first home, consider the monthly payment amount versus the amount of years you will pay and decide what is best or feasible for you.