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Tips For Staging Colorado Springs Homes for Sale

If you are preparing to put your home on the market, you may have heard that you should stage it to make it look more attractive to potential buyers. Staging is always a great way to make your home stand out from others on the market—that is, if it’s done correctly. Here are some tips for properly staging Colorado Springs homes for sale:

Get rid of clutter.

Buyers want to be able to see the home, which is difficult to do when there is a lot of clutter in their way. If you want to appeal to buyers, get rid of the clutter on top of your countertops, tables, and shelves. Make the home look neat and orderly so they are not distracted by the amount of stuff you have. Another benefit of getting rid of clutter? It makes the rooms in your home appear larger!

Paint over bright colors.

It’s recommended that you paint over any brightly colored walls with a soft, neutral paint color. This will make the home appealing to more buyers. For example, if your master bedroom is painted a deep red color, female buyers may like the boldness of your choice, but male buyers may be turned off by such an unusual color. If you want a chance to sell to every buyer who walks through your door, spend time repainting your home with neutral colors.

Clean the front porch.

Whether you have a spacious, covered front porch or a small walkway leading up to your door, make sure it is clean and inviting before you start to show your home to buyers. Buy a clean doormat and only put it out when buyers are coming to your home. You may also want to buy potted or hanging plants to spruce up the space around your front door. Also, be sure to clean off the front door to remove any cobwebs, dirt, and debris. Taking these steps will ensure that your home will make a strong first impression on every buyer who visits.

Add accessories.

Bare tables can look uninviting, but cluttered tables can also scare buyers away. What should you do? Find a happy medium by cleaning off the clutter and using a few strategically placed accessories around your home. For example, place vases with flowers on tables to brighten the mood and make your home look more “lived-in.” You can also add a few coffee table books to the table in your living room—just be sure that they are neatly stacked on top of each other. See the 20 best ways to style a coffee table in your living room.

Now that you know how to stage your home, contact Marianne Farrell at Berkshire Hathaway for help selling your home and moving onto the next chapter in your life. Marianne Farrell has lived in the Colorado Springs area for over three decades, and over that time, she has become the go-to real estate agent for both home buyers and sellers. Call 303-796-7000 today to get started on your search!