Your New Home Checklist When Searching for Homes in Colorado Springs

Your New Home Checklist When Searching for Homes in Colorado Springs
When you are searching for homes in Colorado Springs, there are many considerations to make. Given that you will be in the home for five to 10 years, you need to make sure it will accommodate your short term and long-term goals. There is much to think about but much of it you are already aware of! Just make sure you know where you can and can’t compromise, and it will help to make your search easier. Learn more about thinking forward to your next home, types of homes and importance of the home’s location and your commute.

Thinking Forward

First, as you are deciding what you need in a home, consider where you would like to be in the next five to ten years. Is there enough space in the home? What amenities do you need? Do you want a new home or one that requires some maintenance? It is also important to make sure you and the people you are living with are on the same page. While you might be on board for a fixer upper, others may not be. Before getting started on your search, you will need to get pre-approved by a mortgage lender. This will allow to see what you qualify for. From there, you can work with your realtor to help you find homes that are on your list. Review a complete list of home amenities and features for home buyers from The Balance on all considerations you can make.

Types of Homes

As you are making your considerations for what you would like in a home, it is important to also know what type of home you would like. First, would you like to live in a single-family home, or a condominium? Depending on which you buy and the area, keep in mind to ask about any homeowner’s association fees. Next, consider if you would like a ranch style, one-story home, or multiple. For some, one floor is all they need. But for others, it is important to have additional space. Last, there are a variety of styles available. From farmhouse and cottage to European and craftsman, decide what you want through the Huffington Post’s 10 home styles that are most popular around America.

Location and Commute

Location is more important than some take into consideration. While you might find your perfect home, if it’s going to add to your commute, you need to be sure you are willing to make that drive. For commuting, make sure you think about all of the places you commute to—not just work. Next, if you have children, make sure you do your research on the school systems to find a school that you are happy to send your children to.
As you begin your search for your new home, Marianne Farrell can help you define all the items in your checklist. As a premier realtor in Denver, she will be able to help you find your perfect home! Be sure you read Marianne’s top mistakes to avoid when looking for homes for sale in Colorado Springs. When ready to get started, contact Marianne Farrell at Berkshire Hathaway.

Real Estate in Colorado Springs: Senior Living

Real Estate in Colorado Springs: Senior Living
As one enters into their senior years, living arrangements become something that is considered. Is the home too large? Is it difficult to go up and down stairs? Are there other obstacles that get in the way? Is the home not safe for grandchildren? So many questions can be asked. For many seniors, moving into a new home becomes the best solution. While challenging, it is also exciting to move into a new home that has so many new opportunities and eases any stresses. Learn more about considerations to make when moving as a senior, tips for downsizing, and how to choose the right person to assist with buying real estate in Colorado Springs.

Considerations to Make When Moving

When entering retirement years, many seniors have to make a choice to stay in or move out of their home. It is important to look into the current situation. Is it easy to navigate through the house? What challenges are there? What is the market like and what will the return on your investment be to sell? Are there any safety hazards? If the decision is to move, is assisted living needed? For many seniors, some of the day to day tasks can become difficult. Some seniors move into a smaller home that is easier to manage, while others need help. There are assisted living facilities with on-site help, or a senior can have a specialist that comes to the house to help.

Tips for Downsizing

Many seniors choose to downsize when deciding to move into a new home. Depending on how long one has been in their house, there may be decades of items to move or purge. To make the process easier, it is beneficial to start the downsizing process as soon as possible. This will help to go through all the items. From yard sales to donations, to giving valuables to family and loved ones, there are a variety of options to downsize. Take the process slow, and do not over exert yourself when going through the process. In addition, it helps to work with friends and family. You can also utilize packing services through movers so you can set out piles for boxes of items to keep and eliminate, and they will do the work. In some situations, there may have to be a quick decision made. If this happens to you or one of your loved ones, learn more about finding help in a crisis downsizing by AARP.

Choosing a Realtor

Did you know that there are realtor certifications that specialize in helping senior citizens find great places to live during their retirement years? These are known as Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) and Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists (CRTS).  By choosing someone with the SRES designation, seniors can rely on having a person certified in relocation, refinancing or the sale of a home. The CRTS designation is another highly recognized certification for realtors that help those move later in life. As a senior that is choosing to move, these two certifications and crucial to help every step of the way.

If you or your loved one is planning to move during retirement years, Marianne Farrell can help. As a realtor with both SRES and CRTS certifications, and over 30 years of experience, Marianne is a qualified specialist in this type of real estate. Learn more about senior living options and how Marianne can help you at 303-638-6115.

Top 3 Things You Must Know When Showing Your Colorado Springs Real Estate

Top 3 Things You Must Know When Showing Your Colorado Springs Real Estate
Selling a home is an exciting time. It is also a bittersweet farewell to your current home but with so much excitement for the future. When you are showing your Colorado Springs real estate, there are a few go-to things to be aware of along your journey. When prepared, it will help you get through the showing phase successfully. Learn about tops things to expect when showing your home, best practices and techniques when showing your home, and how to keep up with children and pets.

What to Expect

Upon putting your home on the market, it will be your hope to have a steady stream of buyers looking at your property. With today’s seller’s market, the cards are in your favor. That being said, you will need to be prepared for showings. As you work with your realtor, you both with discuss the terms of how you will handle them. You need to expect to have a showing at any time in which you will need to vacate your home. There will be some weeks where you will have multiple showings while other weeks might be quiet. There is not necessarily a rhyme or reason but weather, events, and your market will factor in.

How to Show Your Home

Upon receiving a notice, you will have some time to make sure your home is in premier shape. Obviously, it is difficult to keep your home in pristine condition at all times. However, you can create some workarounds to make it work. Have some extra storage bins that you can store clutter in and place in a closet that will not make a closet look cluttered. Next, have disinfectant sanitizing wipes available to quickly wipe down counters. If you have time, check to see if your home needs swept and if glass needs cleaned. Your home doesn’t need to be perfect, but try to de-clutter and straighten up. There are many more top home showing tips for sellers that you can take advantage of to attract buyers from The Balance.

Children and Pets

Showing your home can be sporadic at times. This is why it is important to have a plan on how to handle them if you have children and/or pets. When it comes to pets, some homeowners will leave them in their home. This is an option you should opt for if you have a non-aggressive animal that will not draw attention away from the home. For instance, if you have a cat that will hide when guests arrive or a dog that you can put in a crate. Another option to consider is taking the animals out with you during the showing. For children, there may be toys and clutter. This is where having a large storage bin to quickly toss in toys before leaving. It is also idea to have a plan on where you can take your family for an hour or so at a time.

For a local realtor that will help you maintain a great quality of life when showing your home, you can trust the expertise of Marianne Farrell. With over 30 years or experience, Marianne understands every aspect of the marketplace. To help you sell your home more quickly, be sure to check out Marianne’s tips for staging Colorado Springs homes for sale. To get started on selling your home, call Marianne today at 303-638-6115.

Long Distance Moving Tips from Your Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent

Long Distance Moving Tips from Your Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent
Moving is never an easy process, especially when you’re moving a long distance across the country! When working with a top Colorado Springs real estate expert, they can help you with some tips and tricks for making your relocation as streamlined as possible. By taking the time to plan your long-distance move, you’ll avoid pitfalls and hang ups along the way. Learn more on how these three simple tricks can improve your big move!

Have Necessary Moving Supplies

Before you even begin to pack, it’s essential that you have the necessary moving supplies to pack your belongings so they can make the long trip. First things first: quality moving boxes. Boxes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on what you’re planning to pack up. Wardrobe boxes are great for storing and moving clothing on hangers that you wouldn’t want to fold up into a box. Get a hold of a variety of sizes and styles of boxes-the more, the merrier. Packing paper is also essential for carefully wrapping up fragile items and can also provide cushion at the bottom of boxes. Moving blankets prevent scratches and tears on your furniture. Finally, packing tape is essential because you need to tape up your boxes!

Label Your Boxes

This one may seem simple, but so many people forget to label their boxes because they think they will remember what is in each box. This is a definite go-to tip! Grab a marker and write a list of the main items inside of each box. Then, label what room the box belongs in. By writing “Kitchen” or “Living Room” on the outside of each box makes it so much easier, and faster, for the movers. Knowing what’s inside of each box will be a tremendous help when searching for certain items that you can’t remember where you placed them.

Get Rid of Extra Stuff

As best practice, getting rid of your extra belongings will free up space in your moving truck and decrease on the weight load, thus saving you money. The more you load up in your moving truck to ship long distance, the more your final cost will be. Try multitasking when you’re packing. Take one box for things you want to keep and pack, and then start another box with items you can donate to a nonprofit. Having a garage sale before your move will also allow you to let go of items, and put a little more green in your wallet. Apply the one year rule when going through your belongings. If you haven’t used or worn the item in over a year, toss it out! If you’re moving to a new climate, purge items that you definitely won’t need anymore, such as a snow blower or piles of sweaters. For more tips, learn more about the dos and don’ts for your long distance move.

Marianne Farrell is a premier real estate agent ready to help you sell your home. As a local Denver resident, she is devoted to helping your family find your perfect home, or sell your old one. If you’re trying to move during the holiday season, be sure to read these tips for surviving the move during one of the busiest times of the year. Ready to get started and experience premier service? Contact Marianne Farrell at Berkshire Hathaway today at 303-638-6115

Fixer Upper or Move-In Ready? Pros and Cons Explained by a Colorado Springs Real Estate Expert

Fixer Upper or Move-In Ready? Pros and Cons Explained by a Colorado Springs Real Estate Expert
When ready to purchase a new home, you can choose from something that needs a little or a lot of work, or something that is turn-key. It all depends on what your comfortability is, budget, and goals are. Some know that a fixer upper is the right option for them, which others need something that can be moved into right away. When trying to figure out which is best for your search, learn more about the pros and cons of fixer upper and move-in ready houses, as well as other important considerations from your Colorado Springs real estate expert.

Fixer Uppers

Fixer upper houses tend to be lower in price as they are in need of work. Some can be lived in during the renovation while others you will need to make fixes first. When choosing a fixer upper, you also will have the option for the Federal Housing Administration’s 203k rehabilitation loan if the house is in need of extensive work. This type of home is also beneficial for those who want to make a space their own. You have a clean slate, it is like a blank canvas. However, fixer uppers can be a lot of work. It is important to pay close attention to the home inspection to see what underlying issues the home may have to ensure you can afford it. You also need to make sure you have proper living arrangements as some fixer uppers tend to be large construction zones.

Move-In Ready

When choosing a home that is move-in ready, the moving process is simple. There is no work or waiting, and you do not have to worry about the same things you would when there is much work to do. The little to no amount of work needed for this type of home will help make the home purchase process much easier. Also, if you are looking to move quickly, you can count on getting to your next step when choosing a home that is move-in ready. When improvements do not need to be made and the home is in great condition, it will help to expedite the process.

Other Important Considerations

In addition to choosing the type of home you want to purchase, there are many other considerations to make. Ask yourself what type of neighborhood you would like to live in? What do you need in your area? It is also important to evaluate the area you live in. Many neighborhoods have homeowners associations, which may include monthly or annual fees. It is important to talk to your realtor to ask how many the fees will cost. It will help with your final budgeting. For more, look through the homebuyers’ walkthrough: considerations when buying a home from Investopedia.

As you work to find your home, make sure to review the top mistakes to avoid when looking for homes for sale in Colorado Springs. To get started on finding your perfect home, Marianne Farrell will help. With over 30 years of experience, Marianne knows the ins and outs of the industry to help you find your perfect home. Call 303-638-6115 to get started.