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Top 3 Things You Must Know When Showing Your Colorado Springs Real Estate

Selling a home is an exciting time. It is also a bittersweet farewell to your current home but with so much excitement for the future. When you are showing your Colorado Springs real estate, there are a few go-to things to be aware of along your journey. When prepared, it will help you get through the showing phase successfully. Learn about tops things to expect when showing your home, best practices and techniques when showing your home, and how to keep up with children and pets.

What to Expect

Upon putting your home on the market, it will be your hope to have a steady stream of buyers looking at your property. With today’s seller’s market, the cards are in your favor. That being said, you will need to be prepared for showings. As you work with your realtor, you both with discuss the terms of how you will handle them. You need to expect to have a showing at any time in which you will need to vacate your home. There will be some weeks where you will have multiple showings while other weeks might be quiet. There is not necessarily a rhyme or reason but weather, events, and your market will factor in.

How to Show Your Home

Upon receiving a notice, you will have some time to make sure your home is in premier shape. Obviously, it is difficult to keep your home in pristine condition at all times. However, you can create some workarounds to make it work. Have some extra storage bins that you can store clutter in and place in a closet that will not make a closet look cluttered. Next, have disinfectant sanitizing wipes available to quickly wipe down counters. If you have time, check to see if your home needs swept and if glass needs cleaned. Your home doesn’t need to be perfect, but try to de-clutter and straighten up. There are many more top home showing tips for sellers that you can take advantage of to attract buyers from The Balance.

Children and Pets

Showing your home can be sporadic at times. This is why it is important to have a plan on how to handle them if you have children and/or pets. When it comes to pets, some homeowners will leave them in their home. This is an option you should opt for if you have a non-aggressive animal that will not draw attention away from the home. For instance, if you have a cat that will hide when guests arrive or a dog that you can put in a crate. Another option to consider is taking the animals out with you during the showing. For children, there may be toys and clutter. This is where having a large storage bin to quickly toss in toys before leaving. It is also idea to have a plan on where you can take your family for an hour or so at a time.

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