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Colorado Springs Real Estate Expert Tips to Surviving a Move During the Holiday Season

December 14, 2016

Are you currently amidst finding a new home and trying to sell your old one? This can create a very stressful situation, especially around the holidays when the kitchen is buzzing and, family and friends are visiting. With the holidays upon us, use these tips from your Colorado Springs real estate experts. By practicing these tips, you can have a smooth move, even during the holidays.

Plan and Shop Ahead

One of the last things you will want to do or even have time to do during your move is gift buying, grocery shopping or holiday decorating. Use the time before the holidays to plan ahead. Make your shopping list now and take care of it now. Take advantage of online deals that will save you time from driving to the store. If you enjoy taking part in large shopping days, be sure you work around it. Go into your shopping trip with a game plan and get other important tasks done before and after the trip.

Ask for Help:

A move can be stressful. To maintain a good quality of life throughout a holiday season move, utilize the help of others. Consider throwing a packing or unpacking party with friends and/or family, and offer them food, drink and holiday cheer in return. Don’t want to ask friends or family for help? You can also utilize the help of a moving service. It is an added expense, but sometimes added expenses can make processes easier. Moving services will help you get your valuables and furniture to your new home relieving  your stress. Check out your local moving company to see what other services they offer.

Mail Routing:

If you will be moved to your new home during the holidays, you may not be able to get everyone your new address in time for cards and gifts. It’s important to change your address through the post service as soon as you take the new keys so all mail will be delivered there. Changing your address is easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. USPS’s Official USPS Change of Address explains the process gives you over $750 in coupons, safeguarded information, and local information and moving offers through My Move. They add you will receive an email confirmation of your address change. From there, your mail will be forwarded for up to a year and magazines and other periodicals for 60 days. This will give you plenty of time to make sure all of your addresses are changed after your move and holidays.

Moving is not just stressful for your family, it is for our pets too. During the process, read these pet moving tips when looking for homes for sale. If you think you are ready to take on a move during the holidays, Marianne Farrell at Berkshire Hathaway can help. We are your top go-to realtor to help you find the home that best accommodates you and your family. Search listings or fill out a contact form to get started.