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Energy Efficient Finds When Looking for Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs

As you look for the best homes for sale in Colorado Springs, keep your eye out for energy efficient features. From windows and siding to appliances and fixtures, there are a variety of ways a home can conserve energy. Not only will you feel great to purchase a home that helps the environment, but will also put money back into your pocket each month for saving energy. Here are some things to consider and things to look for during your search.

Review of Efficiency and Benefits

One of the primary benefits a homebuyer can take advantage of when it comes to energy efficiency are the savings. From heating and cooling to water use, there are quite a few ways energy is wasted. We usually think about wasting energy by leaving things on that we aren’t using or running the water too long. There are a variety of ways the different areas of a home can waste that you may not even realize such as dishwashers or washing machines that overuse water. Or, poor exterior protection that leaves air and water coming into your home. Issues such as these can provide negative impacts later down the road. It is a time saver when you can factor energy efficiency in as a priority as you look for homes. An alternative is to factor upgrades into your budget and look for homes that you can afford to fix.

Exterior Features (Windows, Siding)

A common way energy is wasted is through windows. Air and water can leak in, which leaves heating and cooling systems doing double-duty trying to maintain the temperature. Doors and siding may also have problems leading to this issue and imbalance within a home. When you find a home with new energy efficient windows or upgraded siding that eliminate any leaks and work with the sun to maintain temperature. This can provide added value for the quality of the home down the road. Proper insulation is another thing to factor in, which isn’t always easy to see. According to Top 10 Reviews’ 10 Features to Consider for an Energy-Efficient Home, proper insulation will help to maintain heat or cool temperatures within the home. You can have it looked at during inspection but even at first glance, it can be a red flat if the home feels drafty or the walls and floors are hot or cold, depending on the weather outside.  

Appliances and Fixtures

It will save you in the long run to find a home with energy efficient appliances and fixtures. One of the best ways to notice this is to see if appliances display the Energy Star logo. But typically, you will know items may not be in best shape if they are older. When looking at appliances, you can talk to your local realtor to see what types of premier appliances the home has. There is a wide variety from kitchen appliances (refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and equipment) to fixtures such as faucets, garbage disposals and toilets. Updated and efficient equipment will be your go-to for savings.

When it comes to finding the perfect home with energy efficient appliances and features, Farrell’s Sales can help.  Looking to buy a fixer upper? Considerations when looking at Colorado Springs homes for sale are important, but can be helpful if you would like to make changes and energy efficient solutions on your own. Contact us today at 303-638-6115 to get started.