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Colorado Springs Homes for Sale: Look For These Red Flags

There are countless articles that explain how you can tell when you’ve found your dream home. But, how can you tell when a home definitely isn’t the one? There are a number of red flags you should look for when browsing Colorado Springs homes for sale. Move onto the next home on your list if you spot any of these warning signs:

Strange Smells

As you walk through the home, do you smell anything unusual? If the home has water damage, you may notice a musty smell permeating the home. Repairing water damage can be a pain—not to mention pricey—so you should probably avoid homes that have this problem.

Signs of DIY

Ask your real estate agent for information on when the home was last sold. If it was purchased and put back on the market a short time later, it’s very likely that the home is being “flipped” by investors who are trying to make a profit. This isn’t a problem unless the investors decided to cut corners when making renovations. Look at the tiling in the bathroom or kitchen to see if it is laid perfectly. If the investors handled a lot of the renovations themselves, they most likely laid the tiles without professional help. If you see the tiles are uneven, this is a sign that it was a DIY job, which means the investors could have cut corners on other renovations throughout the home, too.

Locked Doors

You should be able to see every inch of a home before deciding whether you want to buy it or not. If the seller has locked doors or told you that you cannot enter certain rooms in the home, this is a red flag that there are major issues within that area. It’s possible that the seller is hiding a room that has been completely torn apart, and doesn’t want you to know that you will have to make costly repairs in order to use this part of the home.

Irregular Maintenance

Do you see a lot of burned out light bulbs around the home? Is the grass in the front yard cut? Does the paint look fresh and vibrant? Look for signs that the homeowner has failed to keep up with the basic maintenance of the house. If you see any of these signs, it means there could be bigger issues hiding as well, such as a leaky roof or outdated heating and cooling system. An inspector will be able to find these problems before closing, but save yourself the trouble of making an offer by looking for these signs as you walk through the home for the first time. Learn what’s included in a home inspection report.

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