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Benefits of Looking for Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs Close to Your Work

January 18, 2017

Do you work in the Colorado Springs or Tri-Lake area? Do you have a long commute? Consider looking for homes for sale in Colorado Springs! There are so many benefits to living near your place of employment. Whether you are looking to move or this information helps you consider the advantages, it definitely can be a great decision.
  1. Shorter Commute: Did you know the average person’s commute to work is 30 minutes each way? Many people even have an hour-long commute, which is two hours out of every day. Two hours! Add traffic, inclement weather and anything else that may occur on the way and you increase the time. By choosing a house that is closer to your place of employment, you will be able to reduce your stress. Studies have shown that long commute times not only take time out of your day, but can negatively impact your health. Spending hours in a vehicle causes stress and anxiety, increases your blood pressure, can create back issues and in general is a long time being sedentary.

  2. Quality of Life: You may not realize it until it happens, but living close to work can improve your lifestyle and your happiness. Ultimately you will have more time during the day for other activities. For instance, you can take a class at the gym, sit and enjoy your morning coffee, attend more of your children’s activities, or even just have more time to come home and relax. Plus, a shorter commute time will leave more money in your pocket. In the short term, it will definitely save on trips to the gas station each week. But you are also saving in the long term too as you are not putting as much wear and tear onto your vehicle. If you are looking for one of the best ways to keep your car in premier condition—putting fewer miles on it will definitely help.

  3. “Live Where You Work” Program: Those who work in the city area can take advantage of the “Live Where You Work” efforts. This program allows middle-income potential homeowners to find affordable housing near their workplace. Home prices range from $250,000 to $400,000. Participating in the “Live Where You Work” program is also one of the top ways to help economic growth and connect with your community. It is a great opportunity for those who want to achieve a shorter commute time, reduce stress and become more connected with their community.
As you decide to move into a home closer to work, we can help! Realtor Marianne Farrell is your go-to local real estate expert that will help you find the home of your dreams in an area near your workplace. She excels at working with potential homeowners every step of the way within the home buying process. Learn more about Marianne Farrell and how she can help you! When ready to get started looking for your next home, give her a call at 303-796-7000 or contact Marianne Farrell in Colorado Springs.