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Tips for Buying a Home in the Colder Months from your Colorado Springs Real Estate Expert

January 4, 2017

Many people choose to buy a home during the warmer months because it’s sunny out, the roads are clear, and it’s generally a good time to make a move, however, that does not mean you should wait if you are ready to move. Purchasing a new home during late Fall and Winter is feasible and has its perks. Learn some of the best ways to find a home and the advantages you have.

Eager Sellers

The summer is a popular time to put a home on the market. Once the fall rolls in, sellers become more eager to sell. If a house continues to stay on the market for weeks and weeks, buyers become very eager to sell. Each day the house is on the market, they could be potentially losing money depending on their situation. Typically, the longer a house stays on the market, the more likely the seller is willing to negotiate on price. Since winter is one of the seasons buyers choose to list a house the least, you may have more room to work with negotiation. From working on the price, to having the seller cover closing costs and other fees, you as a buyer may potentially have this advantage.

Fewer buyers

Since the winter is not the most popular time to buy a house, there are fewer people looking for homes. Not only does this give you a financial advantage for buyers eager to sell, but houses may not go as quickly. In hot markets, buyers should worry about houses selling before they have even had a chance to look at them. During the winter, the market is not as fast paced. It also gives you an advantage over what is available on the market. The winter is a great time to find a common middle ground that helps you and the seller.

Monetary benefits

In addition to having the upper hand on home sales, there are other top benefits to buying during the colder months. In Fox Business’ Advantages of Buying a Home During the Wintertime, purchasing a home before the first of the year provides tax benefits. They explain you can use deductions you could not after January 1. If you are hiring local movers to help you move, which may be helpful during the winter, costs may be lower. Fox Business explains you might be able to work with the moving company on price since they may be looking for more business. Moving companies also help with packing and other things as well, so be sure to look for services that can help you and your family make your move seamless.

As you look for homes for sale in Colorado Springs, read about Colorado market trends. You can find some of the latest information to help you with your home search. When ready to get started, contact Marianne Farrell with Berkshire Hathaway. Realtor Marianne Farrell is your local go-to realtor with over 30 years of experience. She is well versed in the market and will help you find a quality home at the perfect price this winter. Contact Marianne Farrell at Berkshire Hathaway in Colorado Springs, CO to get started.