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Finding the Perfect Home Office when Searching for Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs

January 25, 2017

Are you self-employed, an independent contractor or spend a lot of time at home working? During your home search, make sure you find the perfect space to accommodate your needs. It is best to keep each of these factors in mind. There are also aspects of your home office that you can deduct from your taxes as well. Keep these top things in mind when searching for homes for sale in Colorado Springs.

What to look for.

When moving, you will want to make a list of all the things you need in a new home. Be sure you have areas that you are flexible on as your budget may not allow you to get everything on your wish list. In addition, you need to make sure you have some musts on your home office checklist as well. How much space do you need? What furniture do you have to put in there? Is there furniture or supplies that you plan on putting in a new home office? Factor these things in. Next, consider a few other things. Where is the office in proximity to other areas of the home? Will it be a quiet workspace that you can get quality work done or will you be able to hear everything around you? This may matter if you conduct meetings or conference calls/video sessions. What about lighting and distractions, what direction do the windows face. Will you be happy with the amount of light coming in? Last, consider storage. Does the room have a closet? Will it hold everything that you need it to? Keep in mind certain things are cosmetic while other things are concrete.

What to claim on your taxes.

The self-employed can claim certain items on taxes, with tax season just around the corner, there are items you can deduct. There are obvious items such as supplies, internet and phone bills, certain areas of electricity, etc. If you rent or own, you can also work with your local tax specialist to see what you qualify for in terms of your taxes. Essentially, if your home is the primary place you do your work, conduct meetings, etc., then it is most-likely you qualify for some deductions.

Tips for decorating.

When looking for a new home, you have a clean slate for your home office. Take advantage of this opportunity. Ultimately, the way you decorate and organize your office is up to you. But make sure it works. First, look to see what way you would like your desk to face (i.e. looking out a window). Next, will it fit that way? Will you be able to conceal cords easily this way? Once you are in, make sure the color of the walls fits you and your vibe. According to Forbes, Paint Your Home Office for Success: Match Your Wall Color to Your Job shades of blue are calming. If you have a small office, consider a lighter shade or white. They also mention that it can be great to have an accent wall. Just be cautious that it isn’t too bright or loud.

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